Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Examples of some of the Tea Service plates




The Tea Service Launch

The first tea services at Spike Island Open Studios have been a great success, some fascinating conversations complimented by tea and cake. 

The artists working with AIM developed the idea for this project. We also invited our partners from Debajo del Sombrero and Gasp. 

The project was a creative way to engage with other groups, organisations and local community networks to discuss and share ideas about a wide range of topics including art, disability and local history. It was also a great opportunity to share the work we had been dong through our European exchange.

The central focus of the artwork consists of a purpose-made tea set, created by the artists through applying their painting, drawings, writing and photography to china whiteware by using ceramic transfers.

The artwork will tour to a number of venues in Bristol; art institutions, creative spaces, community centres and schools where the artists will invite others to join them at the table for art, tea and discussion. Maybe in the future maybe it could even tour to Madrid and Cork.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

DS-Mariana Solana's Japaneese family

Marina Solana 's work is very much around her family and so this is an interesting drawing about her family from Japan. After the drawing it becomes an embroidery of the family.

DS-Belén's next film costume

Clothes made by Belén for her next film "MARKALA 44". they are the clothes for the bad people.

DS-Belén and Jorge at San Antón's church

We have been working at San Antón church. This is the church of the homeless and it is open 24 horas a day. It is located at the very centre of the city of Madrid.
As we have to exchange photos of architecture and especial places of the city of Madrid with the artists from Cork and Bristol, we thought that it would be a very good idea to start up with this church as it is full of histories. We spent two mornings there. Belen has taken 999 photos and that was edited in a sequence with music played by her with the piano. This is the video and it was thought for Dave Pearse, artist from Bristol to write about it.  Jorge has drawn the big central altar

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

AIM - Betty's photographic and college work

Betty brought some objects from her home into the studio. Has has been photographing these to create some interesting narratives been the two figures. She has take some of these images and has been using a variety of materials to create some amazing collages. Here are just a few example of her current work




AIM - Jonathan exploring different types of monuments

Jonathan continues to explore making himself as a monument. In the images below he has made a monument of himself as a king using painted wooden board.  The other monument is a cast of himself made using plaster. He plans on transforming the surface to look like Bronze and then placing the finished sculpture on a plinth.